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Credit Flexibility

Credit Flexibility

This education option gives students a way to be in charge of their learning. For some students, they see more value in school (“Why do I have to learn this?”) when they can connect learning with real world situations and future jobs. Credit flexibility is one way to increase a student’s interest in school and motivation to learn.

The key to this option is that the student drives the request as well as the plan to earn the credit. A specific interest or credit need of the student should be the basis for the request and the family and school should start by listening to the student. Educators and families may also work with students to initiate the plan for credit flexibility. 

If you are interested in this option, it is extremely important to talk to the counselor or principal of your intentions prior to enrolling or registering for coursework.  Coursework must be approved in advance.

For more information click on this link. COLLEGE CREDIT PLUS INFORMATION


Lincolnview School Policy on College Credit Plus

The Board of Education recognizes the need to provide alternative means by which students achieve the goals of the District.

Educational options are learning experiences or activities that are designed to extend, enhance, supplement, or serve as an alternative to classroom instruction.

The Superintendent shall prepare a plan of educational options for use in meeting a variety of student needs. Such options will include the District's Credit Flexibility Plan and may include, but not be limited to, distance learning, on-line coursework, tutorial programs, independent study, correspondence courses, educational travel, project portfolios, internships, mentorship programs, summer school, and early college entrance.

Prior approval of the educational option application (Form 2370 F1) by the Superintendent shall be required before a student participates in one (1) of the available educational options. Prior permission of a parent or guardian shall also be required before a student under age eighteen (18) participates in one (1) of the available educational options.

Participation in an educational option shall be in accordance with an instructional and performance plan which will be developed based on the individual student's needs. The instructional plan will include:

  1. instructional and performance objectives that align with District's curriculum requirements;
  1. a description of the criteria and method for assessing student performance;
  1. an outline of specific instructional activities, materials and learning environments.

Participation must be subject to the oversight of a credentialed teacher who will review the instructional plan which may include providing, supervising, or reviewing instruction or learning experiences, and the evaluation of student performance.

Credit for approved educational options shall be assigned according to student performance relative to stated objectives of the approved instructional and performance plan and in accordance with District policy and established administrative guidelines.

The District shall communicate information and procedures related to credit flexibility and educational options available in the District to students, parents, and interested stakeholders.