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ELA Langdon


Week of May 11th

ALL ELA assignments given during the eLearning period MUST be turned in by Friday - May 15th

Week of April 27th

1) You are to complete 5 Readworks Articles by the end of the week.  Do ONE article per day and answer the BOOK of KNOWLEDGE questions at the end of each article.

2)  complete part THREE of your fictional story project and submit


Week of April 20th

1)  part THREE of your fictional story should be completed and submitted


Week of April 13th

1) paragraph one of your fictional story should be submitted

2) feedback will be sent to everyone with instructions on what you should be doing next - check your google classroom document for comments from teachers


Week of April 6th


Part TWO of our fictional writing project will be on our GOOGLE CLASSROOM by Tuesday morning before 9:00 am.  It will be DUE on Monday - April 13th BEFORE 9:00 am.


Week of March 30th

You should be completing Part ONE of our fictional writing project.  Be sure to read all the information carefully and COMPLETE all the information that is being asked.  Take your time. Be creative.  Have fun.  This should be a project where you get to use your imaginations!!!!

Week of March 23rd


For ELA this week we are going to start READWORKS.  You will be assigned ONE article per day.  PLEASE only do ONE per day!!!  I will be in contact to see how you are doing.



From last week:

We are going to add an online website that will give you short articles to read and a few questions to answer each day.  It's super simple and the articles are very good.  I need you to follow the directions below by Friday.




Writing Assignment for the week (needs to be completed by FRIDAY)

1) create a google document titled JOURNAL

2)  type a 5-7 sentence journal entry for each day of the rest of this week.  One for Wednesday, one for Thursday, and one for Friday.  You might want to date them for easy reference later.

3)  Simply tell about what you did for that day and things you are feeling,  Be sure to write in complete sentences, use lots of details.  Describe.  Describe,  Describe.

4)  Remember, you are recording information about a unique time in history, one day, these journal entries will be a part of the history of the WORLD

4)  Finally, share the document with me by choosing