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week of May 11th

ALL Math assignment given during the eLearning period MUST be turned in by Friday - May 15th


Week of May 4th

Submit your Non-Math Pay it Forward lesson on google classroom

Week of April 13th, 20th, and 27th

Your math assignment for the week will be posted on WEDNESDAY and will be due on FRIDAY.

The assignment can be found on your Google Classroom under Math and your homeroom name




Your online 3D object math TEST is now online in your GOOGLE CLASSROOM.

It is due Wednesday before 3:00 pm



Be sure you have WATCHED and taken NOTES on the VIDEO that has been shared on your Google Classroom for MATH.


3D Figures

1)  Go to Google Classroom Math

2)  Click on the 3D figure NOTES

3)  Read the assignment instructions CAREFULLY

4)  Once you have taken notes, click TURN IN



GEOMETRY "At Home"  Scavenger HUNT

1)  log into your MATH google classroom

2) complete the assigned project - use lots of DETAILS when describing the polygons

3) once you are done SUBMIT on Google Classroom

This is not due until Monday...take your time and be creative.  Move around your house, maybe involve your family, make it a competition



VIDEOS on how to find AREA: