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Fall Choice Board

October Kindergarten             For use on cancellation days:

Choice Board  KA               Choose one activity from each column for each

                                                                                                     Missed day of school. Guardians, initial the box. 

                                                                                                     Submit completed work the NEXT school day. 











Have someone read a book to you.  Tell them who the characters are and retell the story.


Rainbow write your name. Try out writing your last name!

Look for 3D shapes around  your house. You should look for a cylinder, sphere, cone, and cube.

Grab a device and go to you tube and watch a video on apples or pumpkins.  You can even do a virtual field trip.

Set a timer for 1 minute. Try to beat the clock and read all your popcorn words before the buzzer.  Try it again in less time!


Write your popcorn words- it can be on paper, a white board, chalkboard- whatever you have!

Practice your numbers and shapes on your memory ring. Do extra practice with the ones you don’t know.

Tell someone 2 or 3 things you know about fire fighters, camping, apples, or pumpkins.

Look around your house for things that start with each letter of the alphabet. Draw a picture of 5 things you found and what letter they start with.

Practice writing the letters in the alphabet. Find things that start with each letter.


Play a card or board game with someone.

Draw a camping picture. Try to label things you drew.


Grab your favorite books and read or retell the stories to someone. Look for popcorn words.

Try to read for 15 minutes.






Draw a picture of your Halloween costume and try to sound out the name to label  it.

Practice writing the numbers 1-10.

Make a card for a Fire Fighter to thank them for all they do.