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Lincolnview Local Schools Announces “School Cancellations/Calamity Day Procedures” (Aug. 16, 2021)

Lincolnview Students/Parents:

As we begin this upcoming school year, we will be approaching school cancellations/calamity days a little bit differently.  Regarding 3-hour delays, we will no longer be extending the day 1-hour.  We will finish all school delays at 3:08 pm. Please make note of this change.

Secondly, from the first day of school (August 18th) until September 30th, if we cancel school due to weather, it will be treated as a normal calamity day for students and teachers. If we miss more than five days between August 18th & September 30th, we will implement “remote learning.” Any school cancellation on or after October 1st, we will flip to “remote learning”, just like we did previously when we cancelled school due to weather conditions.  We will continue remote learning on all school cancellations until our last day of school – May 20th.  This will give teachers the first five weeks to plan and communicate to students and to parents on how they will implement remote learning in their classroom and the expectations of class work.

This new change will allow our school calendar to be followed as written and approved throughout the school year. We will not be making up any days, adding any days, or even extending the day based on number of days missed due to calamity days. This allows parents the ability to make plans with their children knowing the school calendar will not change, unless the school district does not meet the minimum hours required by law.  We are hoping this new change will be positive for students and parents as we begin the new school year. 

If you have any questions please call the district office at (419)-968-2226.  Lincolnview Local Schools is wishing everyone a great school year.

Lincolnview Local Schools

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