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Cafeteria Information (updated 8-27-2020)


As we begin the 2020/21 school year, the Lincolnview Food Service Department is also trying to do their part to reduce, as much as possible, contact within the cafeteria due to Covid-19.  Therefore, to try to make it a much safer environment, we will be introducing a new touchless system that will allow us to eliminate students touching the keypads at the registers. With this new system we continue to learn new ways on how it works efficiently for parents, so please be patient with us as we introduce this to you and to our students.  As we begin to use it for the very first time there may be times that we will have to give new updates on using the system.

We are providing our K-6 students with a scan card attached to a lanyard that they will scan when they reach the cashier.  After they return to their classrooms, they will leave their lanyard with scan card in a designated spot assigned by their teacher.  The students are not to take these home.  If the student will be eating breakfast, they will give the cashier their name and the cashier will ring them up.  Students 7-12, who have a cell phone, will be able to download an app that will create a bar code specific for that student and it will allow the touchless system to read it as a scanning device.

Parent Responsibility

  1. Make sure that you have an account with the company we have been using called Pay Schools Central.  If you have a child in K-6 you DO NOT have to create new accounts for your K-6 student(s) unless you are planning to add money to their lunch account(s) or pay other school fees by using this system.  Unfortunately, there is an additional cost when adding lunch money through this system {see below for added fees if you wish to use this system or to add money to lunch account or pay school fees}.  You DO need to register for your Grade 7-12 student who will be using their cell phone at lunch.

If you do not wish to add money via the Pay School Central, you can still send in money or checks (as done before) with your child each day or week to pay for their lunches as there is no cost for this option.  If you do decide to add money via the Pay Schools Central, there ARE fees when adding money for student lunches or paying any fees owed to Lincolnview Local Schools.  Payschools Central fees for adding money to students lunch accounts or to pay other school fees, are as follows:


  • Using a credit/debit card:  Fee of 3.9% of total amount for transactions of $49.99 or over


  • Using a credit/debit card:  For transactions of $49.99 or under there is a flat fee of $1.65


  • Paying with electronic check (adding your checking account information in Payschools Central as a form of payment):  A flat fee of $1.75 on any amount added to an account.


  1. Please go to Payschools Central link on the Lincolnview website to click (click the tab “Parents” and then click on the link “Pay Schools Central”) or go to website to create an account.
  2. You will need to register and create a username and password if you decide to use this system.  Click on “Register”.  It is important to register. 
  3. Fill in the parent information that they require.  Please have your students ID#’s available because you will need these to add your students to your account.  If you do not know your students ID number, please call 419-968-2226 ext. 3212 or e-mail me at and we will get it for you. 
  4. Press “Register”
  5. If you successfully registered, it will state “Registration is a Success” (Big Part Complete J)
  6. Log into account with your username and password.
  7. On the right hand side should be icons (which is your dashboard).  Hover over the icons on the right side until “Digital ID”.  Click on that.
  8. Your student(s) will appear with their pictures and lunch information.  On each child(ren), click on download.


Student Responsibility (Grades 7-12 ONLY)

If your child has a cell phone, great!  The student has two options (the old-fashioned way or by APP):

  1. The student will need to login into their PARENTS Payschools Central at account on their own cell phone.
  2. Go to dashboard on the right, click on “Digital ID” and the students picture will appear. 
  3. Click download and then hit “view” to get your digital ID on your phone. 
  4. It depends on your cell phone, but if there is a way to save your picture with the scan bar, this is what you need to show when the student gets their lunch. 
  5. The student will bring up your ID on your phone and scan it when you reach the cashier after getting your lunch.  We ask that 7-12 students also purchase any extra’s they would like when purchasing your lunch.



  1. Go to your app store and download the Payschools Central. 
  2. Once the app is downloaded, please put YOUR PARENTS username and password.  It might be nice to checkbox the “Remember ID” so that you will have it on your phone.
  3. Once you have logged in (depending on your phone), but usually in the upper right hand corner, you will see   at the top and click on it.  This should give you options.  Please select, “Digital ID”
  4. Once you find your picture, click on it and hit download.  This should bring up your picture and scan bar.
  5. Save the app and the picture.
  6. Once this is on your phone, you should be able to bring up the app and show the lunch personnel.


If a 7-12 student does not own a cell phone, we will print them a scan card to use.  If you have any questions, please call me at (419) 968-2226 or email me at

We appreciate you working with us to help us all have a safe school year!


Thank you!

Deborah Miller
Lincolnview Food Service Director 

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