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Lincolnview Local Schools Drinking Water Notice

Lincolnview Community: Throughout the year, we are required by the EPA to test our drinking water in a tri-annual basis due to our district receiving its water through wells that sit on our property. We hire a local outside agency to be responsible for this requirement for our district each year.  Recently, we completed our annual requirement for water testing; however, our local agency failed to test for both fluoride and cyanide (ascorbic acid) within this sample.  Once this error was realized, we immediately had water tests run for both fluoride and cyanide with results showing that we met the acceptable requirements of testing within the sample by the EPA.  Unfortunately, by not meeting the requirements of the water sample-testing time frame for (fluoride & cyanide), we were out of compliance and received a notice of this violation. 

As was stated, our water has met all required compliance standards by the EPA and we have always been consistent in doing so, but we failed to complete the fluoride and cyanide tests when required; so as a result, we received a notice of violation.  We are working on making sure that we don’t miss any future required testing as we move forward.

So in closing, we are required by the EPA to inform all constituents of this error of both fluoride and cyanide testing (please see attachments of the “Drinking Water Notice").  If you have any further questions, please call the Lincolnview Local Schools District Office at (419)-968-2226.

Drinking Water Notice - (Fluoride & Cyanide)

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