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A variety of academic programs are offered through college preparatory courses, vocational courses, and special education courses. In a typical graduating class, over ninety percent of the students will go on to higher education. Our curriculum reflects the most recent State requirements and is supported with up-to-date textbooks and instructional materials. We are a one-to-one school, so all students have Chromebooks.

Each nine weeks student's Honor Roll shall be listed. The Gold Honor Roll represents those student's with a 3.70 to 4.00 GPA. The Blue Honor Roll represents those student's with a 3.33 to 3.69 GPA. See Student Handbook for more information.

In computing the semester averages and the final average of a class, an average will be determined using numerical nine weeks' grade and semester exam grades. The grading scale is:

Grade Grade points
A  100-92 4.00
A-  91-90 3.67
B+   89-87 3.33
B   86-83 3.00
B-   82-80 2.67
C+   79-77 2.33
C   76-73 2.00
C-   72-70 1.67
D+   69-67 1.33
D   66-63 1.00
D-   62-60 .67
F   Below 60 .00



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