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As appointed by the Board President (subject to change):

  • Audit/Finance/Negotiations - Michelle Gorman & Eric Germann
  • Curriculum - Lori Snyder & Michelle Gorman 
  • Buildings & Grounds - Eric Germann & Mark Zielke  
  • Technology - Eric Germann & Kirk Berryman 
  • Athletics - Michelle Gorman & Kirk Berryman
  • Public Relations - Kirk Berryman & Lori Snyder
  • Discipline - Eric Germann & Lori Snyder
  • Continuous Improvement - Michelle Gorman & Mark Zielke
  • School Board Policy - Kirk Berryman & Mark Zielke
  • Legislative Liaison - Eric Germann
  • Student Achievement Liaison - Lori Snyder


Lincolnview Local Schools
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The Lincolnview Local School District is governed by the laws of the United States, the State of Ohio, and by the policies established by the local Board of Education.
The Lincolnview Board of Education – 2018
The Board of Education is a governing body elected by the citizens of the school district to be legally responsible for the education of the district. The Board is made up of five citizens elected to serve overlapping terms of four years each.
 Current Board Members Years on Board
 Michelle Gorman - President 6
Kirk Berryman - Vice President  6
Eric Germann 8
Lori Snyder 4
Mark Zielke  Newly Elected
 Board Appointed:      Years:            
Superintendent (CEO)-Jeffery T. Snyder  5
Treasurer (CFO)-Troy R. Bowersock  23

What are the Duties of the Board?
The Board of Education is the policy making body of the school district. The policies which it establishes are executed by the administration and staff of the district.
Policy decisions of the Board are duplicated in the Board Policy Book, copies of which are available to each staff member of the district. Questions concerning “what is policy” are best answered by reading the appropriate manual.
When can the Board hold an Executive Session?
All regular meetings of the Board are open to the public. Closed, executive sessions may be held to consider the following topics: personnel matters, the purchase or sale of property, imminent court action, negotiations, security arrangement, and matters which are confidential under the law (Section 121.11 Ohio Revised Code)
How can matters of concern be brought to the attention of the Board of Education?
Residents of the community may bring an issue to the attention of the Board of Education by completing the appropriate form at the meeting and submitting it to the treasurer. Residents may call or write the Superintendent and request their topic be listed on the prepared agenda. Upon request to the Superintendent, the District shall make reasonable accommodation for a disabled person to be able to participate.
Presentations before the Board of Education
The president of the Board of Education will recognize persons requesting to be heard. If the topic to be discussed is on the board agenda, discussion by members of the audience will be permitted following the introduction of the topic by a member of the Board. Individuals wishing to speak are asked to adhere to the following procedures:
a.)    Complete the approved form and submit it to the treasurer.
b.)    Remarks must be addressed to the Board as a group.
c.)    Individuals will be recognized to speak once on a given topic.
d.)    It shall be in order for Board members to ask the speaker questions or to make comments in order to clarify the topic being discussed.
e.)    The President may limit each speaker to two (2) minutes.

Board Members

Mrs. Michelle Gorman
Mr. Kirk Berryman
Mr. Eric Germann
Mrs. Lori Snyder
Mr. Mark Zielke


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